Revision tips and tricks.

For the new GCSE and A levels students struggle with how to revise.  Its the question that i am asked almost everyday.  The method in which we learn is dependent on the subject, however, lets hit the main issue form the get go.  

If as a GCSE student all you do is study at GCSE level you will not get a 9.  A student must always hit tasks and knowledge that i term 'beyond spec'.  This would include A level books for a GCSE student and journals for an  A level student.

We were invited to join cambridge universities isaacs programme.  OUr students have to answer very demanding problem solving questions from maths, physics, and chemistry.

But lets talk about revision from the start of year 9, this is when most schools start there GCSE content which will lead on to the decision as to which tier to sit, foundation or higher.  I am going to start with maths as it involves one type of skill set.

The first concepts to be built on are concrete such as multiplication and collecting terms even as far as quadratics, withought these a student cannot solve problems.  The first step is quite easy so we will start with number.  A student learns the basics such as fractions and completes all the questions in teh text book.  One this is done you then take all teh exam questions that you can find to do with fractions and complete them.The exam practice must occur after the section is complete and it cannot be under estimated as to how many questions should be completed, so many that the process be comes second nature.  To give you an example, when a student says to me 'sir i dont know the quadratic formula, do i need to learn it?'  it tells me that she has not practiced it enough because if she had then she would know it withought the need to memorise it.

This cycle has to repeat it self for all teh subjects until a student reaches algebra, when algebra is completed then the next topic should be ratio and proportion unless it has been covered prior to algebra.  ratio and proportion are essential to the new spec maths and must be completed as soon as its possible.  

The structure of revision now has an addition, once a topic is completed such as algebra or trig and practice has been completed in its method then problem solving has to be included,  our benefit is that we have exampro and examwizard allowing us to create the exam questions directly linked to the exam boards.

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