Childcare and gain UCAS points

Childcare and earn UCAS points?

The idea was simple,  I want my children to have high quality childcare.  As such a place did not exist we created Catalyst tutors.  In a nutshell,  children are on an OFSTED registered site AND take part in diverse activities from robotics to horticulture.

FOR ME that wasn't enough, what would my children gain long term?  So a few years ago we became a JCQ exam centre.  This meant we had access to all the exam material and software from Mexicali, AQA etc.

This enables us to provide targeted teaching for the new spec for maths science and English from GCSE to A level.

This STILL missed a gap for younger students,  my children are passionate about animals and plants.  They glow when they see chipmunks running and sunflower seeds germinating.

I never liked the BTECS in science as they were not accepted on courses such as vetnery science,  however, apparently the new BTECS from Pearson are.  I rang Liverpool university, and it was a wow moment,  my students could do a BTEC and this would get them on to the course at Liverpool to become a vet!

Even more exciting was the fact that the extended diploma was worth the same amount of UCAS points as three A levels.

We then began a plan,  we made phone calls and phone calls, talked to businesses constructed a tropical area and we are ready to go in September!

As we began research into animal management it became evident that we had to make the correct environment for them so we had to plant plants.  This is something that I had spent years doing at school and so a little question popped in my head.  Is there a BTEC like creature for horticulture? Apparently there is and it's worth up to three A levels and Pearson are waiting to have it ticked off by the Dfe! I think you get the picture. More UCAS points!

So here are the cool outcomes.

We are an OFSTED  registered site for childcare so parents can use child tax credits to recoup up to 70% of costs. Childcare vouchers and even pupil premiums through there school.

Your children will be taught maths, science and English by qualified teachers using restricted materials for schools only.

Children can also complete BTECS in animal management and horticulture, even applied science!

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