How we reduce costs

There are only two aims that we are driven by.

Provide outstanding teaching based on what our students achieve.

Provide a cost effective solution so parents can bolt on as many hours as they need.

How we achieve this is by recruiting the best,  all our staff must have the highest grade in their subjects.  That includes our teaching assistants.  We are so passionate about motivating our students That We employ our ex students! Our lowest grade last year at A level was  grade B.  Compared to Bradford where the average is a grade D.

The sites that we choose to work out of are not perfect, and we are constantly repairing old mills.  This  comes at an advantage (apart from thinking of running the btec in construction and engineering) we are using buildings that are listed and historical.  The rent is a third of  similar square footage.  As long as the teaching rooms are perfect we are happy.  

The really big deal is that our costs to parents are significantly lower as we lower costs.  Our competitors charge between £20 -£30,  we charge £15 per hour and some places are fully funded so parents do not pay anything.

So please feel free to visit and book a free assessment. 

Last modified: Wednesday, 2 May 2018, 12:54 AM